Training Program


1. Spraying Training

  • Sandpaper
    • Use 800 grit wet sand paper and lightly sand the surface of the coverset. Clean with soap water or degreaser.
  • Surfacer
    • The first layer is to cover the small holes, smooth and level the uneven surface of object or to remove the old paint surface.
  • Undercoat
    • Acts as a background and catalyst layer which to raise and enhance any sprayed SAMURAI Paint colors.
  • Top Coat
    • The last layer serves as the last protection for your project. It protects your project from rust and chemicals. It also aims to provide a full flash of your project and adds a maximum shine to your paint work.


2.Effect Training

  • Water Transfer Film
    • Spray SAMURAI  Epoxy Surfacer 2K04.
    • When the surfacer layer is completely dry, apply SAMURAI paint color as a top coat.
    • Cut the water transfer film into desired measurement. Tape the edges of the film and slit the four corners to avoid folding.
    • Place the water transfer film on the water and wait 2-3 minutes. Make sure the film become flat and static in the water.
    • Spray SAMURAI Activator evenly on the surface of film to dissolve it into a liquid and activate a bonding agent.
    • Immerse the object in water slowly to transfer the printed image onto the form of your object.
    • Let it dry a while, rinse with water slowly to remove the glue.
    • Let it dry completely, apply with multiple thin layers of SAMURAI 2K Top Coat Clear.
  • Crystal Effect
    • Apply SAMURAI Epoxy Surfacer.
    • When the surfacer is dry, apply SAMURAI Silver as a background.
    • Spray SAMURAI Activator to create a crystal Effect
    • Spray a thin layer of SAMURAI black from far distance.
    • Let it dry completely and rinse with water slowly to remove the activator.
    • Apply with different SAMURAI Candy Color that you like and finished with SAMURAI 2K Top Coat Clear.


3. Application 2K Training

  • Surface Preparation:
    • Make sure the surface to be sprayed is clean, dry, and free from oil.
  • Method of Use:
    • Before
      • Open the lid and turn the can upside down with a red lid at the bottom.
      • Press the can with a red lid as a base until it produces the “click” sound inside the can.
    •  After
      • Feel the “spring” to make sure the inner tube is broken and to confirm activation.
      • Shake the can for 2 minutes to mix A & B perfectly.
      • Make sure the spray distance is 8-15cm.
      • Potlife PU: 8hrs / 25°C
      • Epoxy: 24hrs / 25°C