A. Basic Information

1. What is Samurai Paint?
Samurai is an aerosol paint specially formulated for motorcycles and other automotive uses.

2. Where is Samurai made?
Samurai aerosol paints are all made in Malaysia. However, the formulation used by Samurai are from Japan.

3. What are the advantages of Samurai over the other brands like Bosny or Nikko or Sherlux?
Samurai is gasoline/petrol resistant. It won’t dissolve or fade when gasoline is poured on it as opposed to other brands. Samurai is also crack resistant. Since Samurai is used in motorcycles which are exposed to sun, rain and other weather factors, plastics or metals can expand and shrink thus making other paint crack. Samurai is flexible enough so this does not happen and paint integrity is maintained.

4. What kind of aerosol paint is Samurai?
Samurai is using NC modified acrylic resin. This NC modified acrylic resin makes Samurai different from all the other brands in the market today and gives it strength in quality.

5. What are the available paints do Samurai have?
Samurai has the 2K system, standard colors, metallic colors, Honda/Yamaha/Kawasaki/Suzuki colors, 2-coat system, Khameleon 3D paint, fluorescent paint, hi-temp paint, 1K top coat, undercoat primers, water transfer films, etc.

6. How long can I store the paints?
If unused, all Samurai paints can be stored for years without being expired. For the Samurai 2K paints, once the chemicals have been mixed, the 2K01 top clear coat should be used within 4 hours and the 2K04, 2K05 and 2K06 surfacers should be used within 24 hours. As for the other Samurai paints, once used, can be kept for years.

7. How is this compared with other brands?
Samurai would enable anybody to spray more as compared with other brands. The reason is because of the unique nozzle that Samurai has. Samurai’s nozzles allow the person to spray closer to be object, as close as 10-12cm, while other brands must be sprayed between 28-30cm. This enables the user to minimize the wastage of the paint.

8. Can Samurai paint withstand brake fluid, battery solution and other motorcycle chemicals?
With stronger chemicals such as brake fluids, battery solutions, etc, Samurai 2K01 Top Clear Coat must be applied in order to protect the paint underneath.

9. What is the difference between the primer, base color coat, top color coat and top clear coat?

  1. PRIMER – This is a preparatory coating put on materials before  Priming ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability, and provides additional protection for the material being painted. Many people paint cracking/ paint bite problem when repainting with spray paint, Now with our new generation of PRIMER (2K04 Surfacer) you can prevent paint cracking and bite problem.
  2. BASE COLOR COAT – This is applied after the primer coat. This coat contains the visual properties of color and effects, and is usually the one referred to as the paint. This is needed if the final  desired color is a bright color like yellow, red, fluorescent colors,  etc. It is also used when the Khameleon or 3D color is used. For darker colors like black, grey, brown, dark blue, etc, you can skip  the base color coat and proceed directly to the top color coat.
  3.  TOP COLOR COAT – This is the coating of the final desired color of paint.
  4. TOP CLEAR COAT – Sprayed on top of the top color coat, this is a glossy and transparent coating that forms the final interface with the environment. For this reason, the top clear coat must be  durable  enough to resist abrasion and chemically stable enough to withstand UV light. One part and two part formulations are often referred to as 1k and 2k respectively.

10. Is Samurai Paint product heat resistant?
Most Samurai Paint products can withstand up to 190°C temperature. Our Hi-temp paint, however, can withstand a much higher temperature, approximately 600 °C.

11. Where do I buy Samurai Paint products online?
You can head to Lazada, 11Street, Lelong, or Shopee.com.my/riderhoodspirit

12. How is 2K clear coat different from the 1K clear coats?
With 2K clear coat, there is extra UV protection and the gloss can last up to 5 years.

13. Can 2K paint withstand high temperature?
Like most of Samurai Paint products, our 2K paint can withstand up until 190 °C.