What is Hydrographics?


Hydrographic is a process of applying a new painted image to three dimensional surfaces, using hydro tank/a bucket of water at temperature above 25°C. Also known as immersion printing or water transfer printing. Ideal use on metal, plastic, glass, hard wood and etc.

Steps to do:

  1. Spray your object with SAMURAI undercoat white. Apply plastic primer before undercoat to improve the ability for bonding adhesive.
  2. Draw your favorite image on the surface of a bucket of water with SAMURAI aerosol paint.
  3. Spray SAMURAI Activator onto the painted image to dissolve it into liquid and activate a bonding agent.
  4. Immerse the object in water slowly to transfer your painted image onto the form of your object by wrapping around and adhering to it.
  5. Let it dry completely, apply multiple thin layers of SAMURAI Top Coat Clear to provide an additional protection and durability to the coated project.