Tutorial Captain Marvel

Step by step on how to do Captain Marvel

by using products of SAMURAI Paint.

Make sure to rub and clean the surface by using p400-800 sandpaper before starting the project. Then, spray 2K04 Epoxy Surfacer to cover all the blades or small holes found on the surface of the object.

Asset 3

Dry for a few minutes and rub again using smoother sandpaper with p1000-1500 grid. Use Samurai Black 30 as an undercoat.

Let it dry. Then, finely cut the masking tape and glue the desired pattern to produce the line. Use SAMURAI Silver Sparkling 39 to produce metallic colors. Tape back in areas that need to be protected before spraying with other colors.

Use SAMURAI Yamaha Red 1108 and spray it to the selected area. Unmarked Tape Areas with honda yellow. Spray SAMURAI Honda Yellow 1102  to the selected area

Spray a thin layer of Yamaha Red on Honda Yellow to produce a golden impression. Tape the area that needs protection before spraying with SAMURAI CTM Honda Blue.

Use SAMURAI Daytona Biolet 71 to increase the bluish effect. Then, CTM Honda Blue 1103 to raise more blue colors. 

Violet Daytona is sprayed for the second layer. Spray CTM Honda Blue again as the last layer. 

Remove the tape carefully after the paint is completely dry. Finally, SAMURAI Top Coat Clear 2K01 for 4 layers within 10 minutes of drying time per layer for overall protection. 

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